Work in Progress

My new picture is loosely based on the myth of Salome and John the Baptist. I’m thinking of a number of works on this theme. This might become a study for a different, larger picture.

The picture is 20×20 and the main reason I’m working at this size is that I have been invited by Chris Ingram to exhibit at this year’s ING – Discerning Eye exhibition. It feels like a real privilege. (About the ING-Discerning Eye show). I was really pleased to see that Tessa Farmer exhibited at this show. Her work is amazing. (Tessa Farmer’s site.) Take a look if you are not familiar with it.


One of the things that is slightly frustrating about my painting is that I’m having to work on a coarser canvas than i would have liked – the company that supplies my canvas had run out of the good stuff (superfine linen). The picture is coming along well but there are a few things wrong with it, at the moment, things I’ll have to sort out, and quickly. The deadline for the exhibition is early September and I’m not sure how much work I can do by then…especially as I have to fit in with a part-time job, at the same time. That’s life, I guess. And at the same time, it’s good to be busy.


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