Working at Speed

Working hard for the Discerning Eye exhibition. I have reached a stage with Head on a Plate (as I call it) where I have to put it to one side in order to begin work on a new picture. I have not finished the painting – there is still work to do on the background and one or two other finishing touches. But time is short. I’ve got to press on.

photo 2[1]

The new picture, much like the one above, came out of an idea I had staring at a bust in an Antiques shop. There is some sense of life even in a marble statue and painting makes it possible to reveal it in an almost magical way. I hope!

Here is the early work on the painting.

photo 1[1]

I’m pretty sure the bust I am working with is (or more strictly, was) of a Roman emperor. But I’m not sure which one. I want to keep the coldness of the marble but add a lifelike milkiness to the expression. Not sure how it will turn out at the moment. Anyway, it’s coming on.

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