Sirens Update

Still going on with work for the Discerning Eye Exhibition. I am pleased with the way Sirens is going, so far. The Sirens are a little strange, in a way. I don’t want them to seem anthropomorphic, in a Disney way. Somehow they have to seem rougher and more natural. We are women, we are birds. It is a hard thing to do well. I want to get over the weirdness of the music of the sea. And I also want the old man of the sea, as I call him, to seem both modern and ancient. I think that the fairly modern clothes and bare feet should do the trick. But again, I’m not sure. It’s a kind of experiment, in a way, though I have not time to experiment, really. But all I can do for this exhibition is paint what is in my head as best I can, just get it out there. Hopefully, in the future there will be an opportunity to come back to these ideas.

sirens 3

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