Over the Edge

In recent times, my work has taken a turn that surprises me. I need to explain! While at college it’s fair to say that I shared many of the usual prejudices against what has come to be called abstract art. Or rather, I didn’t get it. Now I have discovered the confidence to explore my own ideas and, to my surprise, I have moved progressively in the direction of abstract expressionism. One meaning of ‘abstract’ is ‘withdrawal’. In other words, a stepping back. Maybe this has something to do with it. I feel as if I have grown up as an artist and that this is what I have to do. After all, I am what I am.

I explore tonal progression in a series of abstract expressionist studies. These works make allusions to natural forms. I hope to achieve an almost geological flow of light and colour. Above all, I want to build a sense of depth and atmosphere. For me, this is every bit as challenging as portrait painting and the results are equally as interesting, but they are more personal.

I know that some people won’t like it. I guess it comes down to a question of expectations, what you hope to get from a painting. For me, fidelity to external physical reality is, to be sure, impressive – but there are other factors and I believe these are equally interesting.

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