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Southwark and Archway


A new painting that I have been working on for a while, based on an idea which took shape gradually in my mind. Memories of my time at St Martin’s (when the college was in Archway) and also of a lonely year spent in the depths of Southwark.

(Double-click image for better view.)

For me it’s something of a departure but I’m happy with the atmospherics of the picture.


I don’t know why this became known as Borchid. We just started calling it this, for fun. It’s a picture of Bee orchids on Reigate Hill looking in the general direction of Box Hill. I was asked to do this for Caroline, a field botanist who has happy memories of this place. And although it isn’t my usual thing, I found it enjoyable. I’m assured that Caroline likes the picture. Phew.